1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coins - 2016

1 oz
US Mint
.9999 Fine Gold
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About This Product

- 1oz of Gold
- Dates of mint 2014
- 24 Karats
- 99.99% pure gold
- Diameter 32.7mm
- Dates 2006 to Present
- Stock Photo


The 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coin commemorates the classic buffalo head nickel, an endearing symbol of United States currency. This coin is the only 24-karat gold coin ever struck by the United States Mint, and is the collector’s version of the official U.S. Mint Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin.


The 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coins are relatively new, first produced and offered in 2006. This is the first and only 24-karat bullion gold coin minted by the United States Government for public distribution. Since 2006, these coins have been an annual bullion release. As such, many people purchase them each year to serve as both a collection and investment. 

 Historically, this gold bullion coin depicts and honors the U.S.A.’s rich Native American history. A rendition of James Earle Fraser's "Buffalo Nickel" design of an American Indian profile was originally minted back in 1913. James Earle Fraser composed the iconic image by blending the imagines of three Native American chiefs: Iron Tail from the Lakota Tribe, chief Two Moons from the Cheyenne Tribe, and Big Tree from the Seneca Tribe.  

In the early 1900s, James Earle Fraser drew the now iconic buffalo design, which is traditionally associated with the Native American culture. James was inspired by a bison named Black Diamond, who lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, NY at the time. Black Diamond is a historically icon who wowed crowds in Central Park with his sheer size and majestic mane for 20 years. 

The 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coins give bullion coin collectors and investors a chance to own a piece of iconic American history.  

 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coin - 2016

Size and Design 

The 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coins from the U.S Mint have a diameter of 32.7mm and a thickness of 2.95 mm, and weigh 1 troy ounce. These 24 karat coins contain .9999 fine U.S gold. This is this highest level of fineness found in bullion products, meaning that the coins each contain 99.99% pure gold. 

On the obverse (front) side of the 2016 American Gold Buffalo coin, the portrait of the Native American chief is featured. Also, the word "LIBERTY" is inscribed near the chief’s portrait, and the year (“2016”) is inscribed on the chief’s shoulder. Beneath the year is “F,” which represents the artist’s last name “Fraser”).

 The reverse side of the 2016 Gold Buffalo coin boasts the impeccable rendering of Black Diamond, the American bison widely known and accepted as James Earle Fraser's Buffalo Nickel. Above the buffalo, the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" are inscribed, as well as "E PLURIBUS UNUM," the Latin phrase used on many U.S. coins, which translates to, “out of one, many.” The phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" is below the buffalo, as is the denomination (“$50”). The coin’s weight (“ 1 OZ.”) and purity (“.9999 FINE GOLD”) are also inscribed at the bottom, beneath the face value.

 In addition to its historic and appealing design, the 1 oz. American Gold Buffalo coin holds legal tender status in the Unites States of America. This beautiful coin is a wise addition to any investment or collection. The American Nickel design has been beautifully updated on this 24 karat gold coin, adding additional value to its intrinsic gold content value. 


The 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo Coins are ranked as some of the most pure gold coins in the world. This American gold coin has received the First Strike designation from PCGS, and has been certified a Perfect Mint State-70, the highest grade possible. This gives you an idea of the purity level founds in these coins – it literally cannot be beat. Made of 99.99% 24 karat gold, these gold coins are a guaranteed pure gold coin with no alloys or filler metals. 

Value and Price

The value of the 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo coin is an element of importance for both investors and collectors. These Gold Buffalo coins are an investment that fits most budgets for people looking to acquire physical gold, allowing some people to add a new version of this coin to their treasury year after year. However, gold coins are much more expensive than silver, and this 1 oz. Gold Buffalo coin is no exception. For some budgets, purchasing an ounce of pure gold may be out of reach. But compared to other gold products, such as gold bars, this coin is a fairly inexpensive option.


The 1 oz. Gold Buffalo coin is a true American treasure that is IRA eligible, adding additional value to owning this gold coin. This allows people to commit their 1 oz. Gold Buffalo collection to their retirement savings plan. Within just a few days, an IRA account can be instated using this coin.

 Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing 2016 1 oz. Buffalo Gold coins is that ITM Trading offers discounts when you purchase several at once. Buy three or more to take advantage, and receive an even bigger price break when you buy 10 or more. ITM Trading also offers lower prices when the purchase is made with via wire, check, or ACH transaction (as opposed to credit card). Free shipping and insurance are also offered with each purchase, so your investment arrives swiftly and safely. 

 The 2016 1 oz. Gold Buffalo coins are uncirculated, and are in mint condition. It is important to maintain the coins in this condition to retain maximum value. The coins are very popular in the physical gold market because of their extremely high purity and the historical significance of the design. To get a rough idea of the value, simply look at the current price per ounce of gold. 

 The year 2016 has been a buyer’s market due to gold’s relatively low price tag. Experts agree that the value of gold could grow and even surpass the record setting price from 2011, when it reached an all-time high of about $1,900 per ounce. No one can say for sure when this will happen or how the precious metals market will behave; however, the possibilities for investment return over several years or even decades is substantial. 

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1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coins - 2016

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