1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

1 oz
Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland
.9999 Fine Gold
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About This Product

- Comes with Assay Certificate
- 1 oz. of Gold
- 24 Karats
- 99.99% Pure
- 41mm x 24mm x 1.86mm
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The 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is produced by long time precious metal producer, Credit Suisse Bank. This iconic 1 oz. gold bullion bar has been traded for decades. The 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is an accessible precious metal investment for those with a budget able to accommodate small or large physical gold purchases.  Credit Suisse Bank is a highly recognized brand, making these gold bars highly desirable among investors. 



The Credit Suisse firm was founded in Switzerland in 1856 by Alfred Escher, and was originally called Schweizerische Kreditanstalt or “Swiss Credit.” Credit Suisse has played a significant role in Switzerland's economic development. It has also been credited for developing Switzerland's currency system, as well as various influential entrepreneurial efforts.   

Back in the mid-1800s Alfred Escher helped found the Gotthard railway that connected Switzerland to the European railway system. In the early 1900s, the Credit Suisse Bank began to focus more on Switzerland's middle classes and started offering individual savings accounts, currency exchanges, and more deposit services. They also began to open more branches outside of Zurich. The Credit Suisse Bank was also involved in funding restoration efforts following both World Wars. 

 In the 1900s, various mergers and business acquisitions were made by company leaders, resulting in significant growth. During the 2008 global financial collapse, the strength of the Credit Suisse Bank was more apparent than ever, when it was one of the only banks to quickly bounce back. 

 This well-respected financial institution is one of the most trusted producers of platinum, silver, and gold. Investors can be confident in their investment in the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar based on the strength, reputation, and longevity of the Credit Suisse Bank.  


1 oz. Credit Suisse Gold Bar 

 Design and Size

The 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar has been produced from 1 troy ounce of very pure gold. The bar measures 41 mm tall by 24 mm wide by 1.86 mm thick. 

 The front of the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is stamped with the words "CREDIT SUISSE" at the top. Written underneath that is the weight ("1 oz”), purity ("FINE GOLD") and gold content ("999,9"). The "CHI" hallmark and the words "Essayeur Fondeur" are also located on the front side of the bar. This indicates that the bar is LBMA "Good Delivery" guaranteed by the well-known Valcambi refinery. Located at the bottom of the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is a unique serial number. This serial number assures buyers of the uniqueness and authenticity of each bar, protecting their investment from counterfeit.  

The reverse side of the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar displays a diagonal pattern of the "CREDIT SUISSE" hallmark. 


The 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar is .9999 fine gold. This means that each gold bar contains 99.99% very fine 24 karat gold. Investors can be sure that their gold bars contain virtually no filler or alloy metals. In the bullion market, this is the highest standard of purity. 

 Value and Price

Most buyers agree that value is one of the most important factors when deciding to buy a gold bar like this one. Because these bars have a smaller premium over the spot price of gold than other similar gold bars, investors and collectors get more gold for their money, adding value to this investment.

 There are other various factors that affect the value of the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar, including the current market price of gold and the condition of the bar. Simply check the current market price per ounce of gold to give you a general idea of how much the 1 oz. Credit Cuisse gold bar is worth currently. For example, if gold’s price is $1,200 per ounce, then that is the approximate value of your 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar, because the bar contains exactly one ounce of pure gold. Gold’s price changes daily, so expect the value of your investment to fluctuate with the market. However, for centuries, gold has performed very well from a long term perspective. This means that, based on history, if you hold onto your investment for decades, you will likely see a lucrative return.  

 It’s also important to maintain the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar’s condition, which helps maximize its value. Your purchase will arrive to you in mint condition, and will include an Assay Certificate, authenticating and protecting the bar.

 Also, it’s worth noting that ITM Trading offers discounts when purchasing more than one gold bar. For example, you will pay less per bar when you purchase 3 or more, and even less per bar when you purchase 10 or more. Also, if possible, use a wire, ACH, or check as your method of payment for additional savings, as opposed to a credit card. Lastly, keep in mind that every purchase through ITM Trading includes free shipping and insurance, adding additional value and security to your investment. 

 Why Buy?

Put simply, the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar has tremendous growth potential. The physical gold market has been more of a buyer’s market in 2013 and 2014, because gold’s price has come down significantly from where it was just a few years before. This means that you can buy gold bars, like the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar, for hundreds of dollars less than you would have paid in 2011. However, the market is unpredictable, so it is impossible to say when these lower prices will fade away and the gold bars will become more expensive. Regardless, the return on investment for a 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar could be substantial over time. 

 Aside from investment return, another reason to buy this product is the Credit Suisse Bank’s reputation. For over a century, this firm has produced high quality precious metal products. Investors are attracted to the bank’s longevity and unique serial numbers included on the 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar products. These unique characteristics make these bars easy sell, should you decide to do so. 

 The 1 oz. Credit Cuisse gold bar is an excellent investment for savings, portfolios, retirement funds, inheritances, and collections. 

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1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

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