1 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins - 2016

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About This Product

- 1oz of Gold
- Dates of mint 2016
- 31.103g (1 troy oz)
- .9999 fine
- Diameter 37mm
- Stock Photo

Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1 oz.

This coin is perhaps as unique as the country that minted it. Most bullion coins, whether issued
for commerce or not, tend to have either a political figurehead or an animal of some sort emblazoned
on it’s surfaces, and many have both. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic design leaves both sides of the
coin open to artwork celebrating a single accomplishment - the creation of one of the world’s finest
orchestras, the Vienna Philharmonic! Music is an international language with international appeal, and
this coin has international appeal as well. Austria’s mint, Austria Mint AG, was late to the 1 Troy ounce
gold bullion coin market with their entry in 1989, and by some reports it was the best selling bullion coin
in the world just 3 short years later!

The Artwork On The Front Of The Gold Philharmonic

The coin features skillfully created likenesses of several musical instruments. The front, or obverse side
of the coin features a cello prominently in the center, flanked with two violins on each side. The Images
of a regal harp and a partial bassoon create the background behind the cello, and a Vienna Horn,
of course, not to be mistaken for a French Horn, finishes the collection of orchestral instruments which are
rendered in such detail that many find comparable only to the United States Gold Eagle coins.

The Artwork On The Back Of The Gold Philharmonic
The back or reverse side of the Vienna Philharmonic features a grand representation of the centuries old
organ that has accompanied the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra inside of the Golden Concert Hall in
recreating some of the musical works of the world’s greatest composers. Along with the organ are the
legal bits about the coin; it’s fineness - which is 99.99%, date of strike, 1 Troy ounce weight,
and denomination.

Two Monetary Units, One Coin

One peculiar note of interest is the fact that this coin has been issued in two currency units. Prior to the
formation of the Euro Zone, these coins were marked in the currency unit of Austria, the Shilling.
1 Troy ounce Coins struck after 2002 will have a face value of 100 Euros, while 1 Troy ounce coins struck
prior to 2002 will show a face value of 2000 Shillings.

ITM Trading suggests a variety and diversity within your precious metals portfolio, and for this reason
we suggest holding not only U.S. gold coins, but foreign coins as well. All gold coins are not created
equal, for instance, this coin is eligible to be held in gold IRA's, if holding this coinin an IRA interests you,
contact us for more information.

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1 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins - 2016

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